Blanket Statements

It is a generally accepted rule that horses that are in good health and are neither very young nor very old, do not need a winter blanket. There are always exceptions to the rule; if the horse doesn’t have a thick hair coat, or is thin skinned, or perhaps is a show horse who is shaved, then you would want to put a winter blanket on them when it dips below freezing.

However, what about senior horses with health problems?

I frequently feel the disapproving eyes of ” blanket skepticals” when the temperatures are halfway decent and I’m dragging out my lightweight blanket for Molly. What they don’t know, is not only is Miss Molly 25 years young but she is Insulin Resistant which is diabetes, more or less, and blanketing is recommended in temperatures of 40 degrees or less. The reason behind this is that horses with IR cannot keep themselves warm in the same way that healthy horses can, and the cold can have adverse effects including but not limited to foot pain that can lead to Laminitis or Cushing’s.

I would never in a million years have blanketed my horse in such warm weather in years past, however last winter in 2014, Molly scared the hell out of me. Since she’s always been an easy keeper (affectionately called Mooolly by some) watching the weight just fall off of her was dreadful and highly concerning. I thought it was going to be my last year with her. I couldn’t figure out what was causing the weight loss except she had what seemed like constant muscle spasms but was otherwise healthy. The weather started to warm and I hoped the “shivers” would disappear but even on 45-50 degree days she was still shaking.

It finally occurred to me, like a smack in the face, that it was probably her insulin resistance that was contributing to the problem. I worked hard all summer to put fat and muscle back on her and was very successful; she is now at a good winter weight and I purchased 2 brand new winter blankets. One is a lightweight for when it’s dry but still dips into the high 30s and a polar blanket for when it’s wet and/or in the teens or negatives. She seems very comfortable in both and so far has kept her weight on and there have been no signs of her shivering.

Just for reference, she is fed a low starch/low sugar high fiber diet of soaked timothy pellets (I sometimes add alfalfa/timothy for extra warmth, but don’t recommend it as a daily feed), along with Platinum Performance CJ, and about a cup of corn oil for extra fat. She does very well on this diet.

I guess my point is just to pass along that not every horse is the same. Some need blankets, some need shoes, some need special diets. Always treat each horse as an individual and remember that what works for one horse may not work for another, and don’t call out another horse owner for a practice you don’t agree with until you know the reasoning behind it. Most importantly, as in everything, just use your common sense.


A Hard Lesson Learned




It’s been a busy summer and one of my best, so sorry I’m not sorry for not writing for a while. I’ve been busy starting over again and having some amazing adventures.


I spent a week in Wyoming on my own, testing the waters of solitude and finding it incredibly relaxing.


The start of my trip was spent in Teton national park

image image

I spent a good chunk of time riding a fat horse named Crosby and helping out on some trail rides at the resort I stayed at. Probably the best part of my trip!

image image

I spent a full day exploring Yellowstone and was constantly amazed at the size of its lakes


and the end of that day resulted in me getting very lost in this beautiful place. Well worth the extra hundred miles I hadn’t planned on…


I got to enjoy some old fashion fun at the Cody rodeo Nites. Then saw the college pros in thermopolis by happy surprise!

image image  image

I got to see friends at the Granby rodeo, went horseback riding in the mountains and white water rafting on a big ol river and gained a love of it and many more wonderful things and places.

image image

And most important of all my summer activities has been bonding with my babies. I’ve got my heart for riding back and that’s been the most freeing thing of all.

Its been the summer I’ve been dreaming of for years and all those prayers and wants and wishes have been answered. I’m excited to see what the coming seasons will hold.

Keep you posted friends, Happy Trails!!

Saddle Up






Tuesday June 9th, 2015

A memorable day!! Murphey got wormed, straight in the mouth for the first time ever! I usually put it in his food and worry about its effectiveness.

The icing on the cake though was getting the saddle on him.

It’s not cinched up but it is on h im and we walked around with it and he got plenty of treats and praise! I was a proud Donkey Mama! We’ve made a lot of progress, and my goal is to get him rideable by the end of the summer. Stay tuned.



Fact: I Fucked Up

Took myself out on a date this afternoon, movies-popcorn-candy, the whole shebang.  On my way to the theater, after a really shitty day, I had a meltdown in my truck.  Questioning all the decisions I’ve made the last couple months and the reasons I made them.  I don’t like where I am right now, I don’t like who I am right now.  I’m trying to be patient and not rush anything, but it’s hard when all I really want to do is beg forgiveness from God and everyone else that I’ve dragged through the mud of my messy life.  Still, I wait.
After my movie (Cinderella-great movie!) on my way home-I swear my truck is my refuge from the world-I realized that what I really need to do before anything else, is just get me together.  Put back the pieces that I have either put aside or left carelessly lying around, then and only then, can I start making amends for the mess that I’ve made.  Maybe my heart will be waiting on the other side.

So here’s to getting our shit together, friends!
Pray hard, and take it one step at a time. Keep your heart and your ears open to the things God has planned for your life!


A  God Believing-messy-sinning-but still trying, crazy woman!

Happy Trails.