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Here it is, as promised! Better late than never 🙂 Part 2 of Poisonous plants! 

Poppies are so dramatic. I'm thinking of crocheting a new Poppy Lariat soon. #flowers

Poisonous parts: Leaves/Roots
Symptoms: dermatitis, blurred vision, nervous signs
Onset: 12 hours

Can You Use Raw Potatoes For Dark Circles Around The Eyes? | LIVESTRONG.COM

Poisonous Parts: whole potato
Symptoms: Nervous signs, colic, choke
Onset:  Unknown

privet hedge.  good for privacy for my future back yard plan bye bye ugly neighbors siding

Privet Hedge Plant
Poisonous Parts: Leaves & Fruits
Symptoms: Diarrhea, colic, in coordination, weakness, convulsions, death
Onset:1-2 hours after digestion

Rhubarb plants thrive in full sun or in lightly shaded areas
Poisonous Parts: Leaves
Symptoms: Red colored Urine, salivation, colic, diarrhea, staggering
Onset: a few hours
Oxalis pes-caprae (Bermuda buttercup, African wood-sorrel, Bermuda sorrel, Buttercup oxalis, Cape sorrel, English weed, Goat's-foot, Sourgrass, Soursob and Soursop; (Afrikaans: Suring) [1]) is a species of tristylous flowering plant in the wood sorrel family
Poisonous parts: All Parts
Symptoms: Calcium imbalance, kidney damage
Onset:2-4 weeks

Wisteria...love the look ..hate the plant!  It is invasive..seriously invasive & can grow up the porch & into the attic...guess how I found that out...sigh...
Poisonous parts: seeds, pods, clippings
Symptoms: Colic and Diarrhea
Onset:6-24 hours
Yellow Oleander tree got it from Moms house last year. This is its first flower.
Yellow Oleander
Poisonous parts: Leaves & Clippings
Symptoms: Heart attack, digestive upset, sudden death
Onset: Sudden Death
Ancient Yew Tree..... would like this tree in my garden...

Yew Tree/Ground Hemlock:
Poisonous parts: Eating the tree parts, trimmings, green or dry
Symptoms: Trembling, incoordination, heart attack, diarrhea;
Usually found dead next to source
Onset: Sudden death within 5 minutes of ingesting.


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Good Afternoon fellow Equine lovers!  I had a concern this week.
I was going through my nutrition book in school and it was talking about poisonous plants and horses; as I was reading I realized I don’t know what many of these plants look like so I wouldn’t know how to keep my horse away from them-and believe me with some of the side effects that come with eating these plants I want to be perfectly aware.  So today will be a short introduction to a series of posts I will be doing about poisonous plants, the symptoms if they are eaten, and the effect.

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!



Heart Attack, Death
Sudden Death if Eaten

   Azaleas/ATTRACTS: Brown Thrasher birds. Important during migration. WARNING-All parts harmful to children and domestic animals.      

Internal bleeding, Death
Fatal within 24-36 hours of eating


   Daphne Delight @Emma Hathaway since you were looking at fragrant flowers. This one is amazing!

Castor Oil Plant
Diarrhea, Colic, Liver & Kidney damage
Onset 6-48 hours

Castor oil plant


Delphiniums (come in many colors!)
Salivation, Convulsions, Death
Onset depends on the amount eaten
Delphinium, Plants perform best in cool summer climates with little wind and adequate moisture. They may rebloom if flower stalks are cut back after flowers fade.  Light:Sun,Part SunZones:3-7Plant Type:PerennialPlant Height:1-7 feet tallPlant Width:1-3 feet wideLandscape Uses:Containers,Beds & BordersSpecial Features:Flowers,Cut Flowers,Deer Resistant


Diarrhea, Nervous signs
Onset 6-24 hours
Cestrum aurantiacum #1 by J.G. in S.F., via Flickr


Heart Attack, Nervous signs 
Sudden Death after eating
Foxglove, a stately classic for your cottage garden. Perennial; these grow up to 5' tall and can be grown in part to full shade. They bloom in early summer.


Nervous signs, paralysis, convulsions, colic, death
Onset 2 Hours-2 Days

Moon Frost Hemlock - Plant Library - Pahls Market - Apple Valley, MN

Sunburn, Diarrhea, Liver damage
Onset occurs when animal stands in shade,
Depends on how much is eaten        

Landmark Sunrise Rose Improved Lantana. Loves heat and drought tollerant once established.


Salivation, Convulsions, Death
Onset: Sudden Death

RHS Plant Selector Aconitum napellus (Monk's hood). perennial to 1.5m tall, with deeply divided, dark green leaves and tall spires of violet-blue, hooded flowers in mid and late summer.


Digestive upset, heart attack, sudden death
Onset: 12 hours fatal

Double Yellow Oleander, 'Mathilde Ferrier', copyright © almostedenplants.com


Diarrhea, convulsions, blisters on nose, death 

poinsettia ... may all of you and your family be blessed in this brief  season dedicated to JOY and PEACE ON EARTH.... good tidings to all... <3


Sunburn-type lesions
Onset 12-24 hours

Parsley - Italian Flat Leaf' | Buy Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Plants | The Growers Exchange


So, many of these are brightly colored flowers and are noticeable enough that you wouldn’t let your horse eat them.  I’ll get into stealthier plants soon.  I hope this helps, feedback is great!

Happy (and safe) Trails!


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