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A day in the life of me: Get up, Work out w/ Boyfriend (Did I mention I started working out?), Go to work, Go see Molly Go to School, Go Home, Go to sleep, Fit all other things in the middle between lunch breaks and going to and from school. I am so busy lately I can hardly think straight, I’m just in survival mode.  This full-time job thing is taking some time to get used to.

In between shuttling my happy ass between places I’ve got to try to fit in all my Proteins so Boyfriend is happy & I stay strong.  The other problem though, is staying Awake through all this craziness. And so yesterday, The Coffee Protein Shake was born!


I like my coffee to taste like anything but coffee, & this recipe leaves plenty of room for changes of your choice. I’d love to hear your ideas & experiments.

Coffee Protein Shake:
1 cup milk
10-12 ice cubes
1 cup hot coffee
1 scoop Vanilla or Chocolate Protein
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder

Blend all Ingredients together in your blender to desired consistency.
Add a few more ice cubes to keep it cold if desired.
Pour in your to go cup & Enjoy!


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Almost PB Cookie Dough

I’m a cookie dough fiend. I like to ‘make cookies’ specifically so I can eat the dough.

But it takes time to make cookie dough, with the flour and milk and eggs and butter, and sometimes I just don’t feel like doing all the steps. 
So a few weeks ago I got it in to my head I could make something similar to cookie dough that wouldn’t take  as long.  
Enter Peanut Butter. 
It doesn’t take much to get the satisfaction of this simple treat, and it takes only 5 minutes.


2 tbsp peanut  butter
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp powdered sugar
2 tsp brown sugar
(Nobody said anything about healthy here)
¼ c dry oatmeal, Optional


– Microwave PB for 45 seconds

 While still hot, stir in flour & sugars, and oats until consistency is similar to cookie dough, adding more of any ingredient as you feel necessary.  
 -Eat while still warm.

Sometimes I make this in the morning to take with me to work for a post work out snack with some fruit. I put it in a baggie when it’s still warm and it hardens up, a little like a soft cookie and makes a nice snack to nibble on. 

This is not a pretty snack so I didn’t bother with pictures. It’s all mixed up in a bowl, use your imagination. 

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