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Shoeing a horse.

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this one likes grain.

I LOVE this picture, it really makes me crave spring and early summer!
Thought I would share ūüôā Happy Trails everybody


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Had a very productive day today, went to the Andulusian barn and got the colt’s right front foot trimmed FINALLY. It’s only taken us about a month.
It would be so much easier to work with these animals if they were handled during the week BEFORE we get there.
The lady we are working with had no concept of handling or training, she just expects us to be able to pick up this colt’s foot and trim it, with no training what so ever. If it’s so easy, maybe she should do it. (Heaven forbid!)

We also got four donkeys and two mini horses feet trimmed today at a private barn. They are really fun to work with, I wasn’t so much a fan at first but I really am learning to enjoy them. Especially the donkeys. My favorite though is a mini mule named Molly. Hmm I wonder why I’m partial? Ha!
Maybe santa will bring me a mini donkey (or mini mule) for Christmas!
Then I could train it to drive and save on gas!


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Today is an overcast, sort of gloomy, napping kind of day.  My dog is napping, my mom has been napping, and when I got to the ranch, Molly and the other horses were napping. 
I went out to the pasture to retrieve Miss Molly, only to find her snoozing peacefully. I don’t catch her doing this very often so I took the opportunity to sit next to her and relax for a few minutes.¬† All too soon the lure of food prompted her up, so on we went for lunch and a quick grooming session.

We went back to the pasture after she ate and I plopped myself on a tire to see what Molly would do.
In the book¬†¬† Horse, Follow Closely by Gawani¬†Pony Boy, he explains how important it is to spend time just watching your horse interact with his or her herd, and I rarely take the time to do that. So for 20 minutes today I watched the horses snooze.¬† It was really a funny, and at the same time, peaceful experience. Did you know horses snore? And dream? I did, but until today I’d never witnessed it for myself. There were snores and farts and whickers¬†and other assorted horsey noises that just gave me such a sense of peace.¬† If you’re not a horse person this probably sounds strange to you, but if you are I’m sure you understand.¬†¬† There is no feeling quite like being around horses, there is so much to learn from them.¬† I certainly enjoy my education through them.
Anyway y’all that’s my rambling for the day.
Happy Trails!

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