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Our purpose in this life is to (try) and enjoy every moment.

I can feel my life beginning to move again.  It’s almost like it’s been winter, not only in season but in practice as well and though winter has it’s time and I loved it and the warmth and comfort of the person I was wrapped up in it with,fiercely and undeniably, now the ice is beginning to melt and the rivers and streams of my life and my blood are starting to flow with new life and new passion.

There is a sort of chaos going on that is very tangible and it has me very excited, a new chapter is beginning.  All I seem to be able to focus on is getting out and gleaning new experiences in new places with new people.  My ache to explore has reached a height I haven’t experienced before and I find myself overwhelmed with anticipation for what this summer will bring.

Not all of the change in the air feels good; but it all feels like the beginning of a new journey.  I don’t know God’s plan for my life right now, and I’ve bargained a little that he let me off leash, however I can’t help but feel him pulling me in a certain direction and I can’t resist his call for very long.
So I’m sowing some wildflower seeds in the springtime but come summer, it feels like there is a very specific path I will be on and I can’t contain my excitement to find out what it is.  Bear with me y’all, I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, Happy Trails.


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